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The California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative's Chair is Professor Jack Brouwer, Director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center, who provides overall policy guidance and direction for the Collaborative. The Executive Director is Katrina Fritz, and Dr. Jeffrey Reed is the Technical Director.

Jack Brouwer, Ph.D.
National Fuel Cell
Research Center
Katrina Fritz
Executive Director
National Fuel Cell
Research Center

Jeffrey Reed, Ph.D.
Technical Director
Advanced Power and
Energy Program

Jeff Wojciechowski
William Gary
Media Contact
The Collaborative was founded in 2001 by then Director of the NFCRC, Professor Scott Samuelsen, and then chair of the Air Resources Board, Dr. Alan Lloyd.

Scott Samuelsen, Ph.D.
Founding Director
National Fuel Cell
Research Center
Alan Lloyd, Ph.D.
Air Resources Board